4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

4 Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

1) Recycle Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are beautiful (and expensive).  And while you’re off on your magical honeymoon, the flowers are forgotten about.  Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars spent on bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, etc are seen (and hopefully appreciated) for 5 or 6 hours and then that’s it.  Why not consider donating them to a nursing home or hospital?  Yes, we know.  They’re still going to die.  In the meantime, why not let them bring as much cheer to people who need it as possible?  With the creation of charities such as Random Acts of Flowers, now it’s possible to easily schedule a pickup from your wedding venue on your wedding day!

2) Plant Your Wedding Invitations

Unless your invitations are made out of 24k gold and diamonds, you know that nobody is going to hold onto your wedding invitations forever and ever (except maybe your cute grandmother who has saved everything of yours since you were born).  Green Field Paper Company understands this, which is why they offer wedding invitations printed on plantable paper.  Now, guests can plant your invitations in their yard and watch as colorful wildflowers sprout!

3) Hold Your Wedding Outdoors

Having an outdoor wedding not only usually saves money, but also saves the environment.  Large banquet halls and ballrooms can use a lot of water, electricity and other not-so-friendly resources that can harm the Earth.  Think of all the possibilities that the Great Outdoors have: gardens, farms, meadows, mountains….  All eco-friendly and beautiful!

If you’re not into the wildnerness, there are still a lot of ways to make indoor weddings  more green.  Look for venues that use energy-efficient appliances, recycle and make use biodegradable products.  Check out Wedding Venue Love for eco-friendly options.

4) Have Your Dress Made Out of Sustainable/Organic/Upcycled Materials

Wedding dresses can be quite wasteful when you think about it.  It’s usually worn only one time, a lot of fabric is used; some of which is man-made, which means a lot of electricity has to be used to create them.  In addition, when a wedding dress pattern is cut, there tends to be extra fabric that gets cut off and can’t be used for anything.  Designers like Deborah Lindquist are helping to change the way wedding dresses are made.  All of her work is made out of organic, sustainable or upcycled materials and a portion of her profits go to environmentally conscious and health organizations.

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