Boho Bliss

Boho Bliss Lookboard.jpg

While the word ‘Bohemian’ referred to a group of nomadic people hailing from Bohemia (a little town in the Czech Republic), who were also widely know as ‘Gypsies’, nowadays, the word has taken on a slightly different meaning.

Boho Chic style takes its cues from both gypsies and hippies.  For men, think interesting patterns, colorful flowing tops, nontraditional jewelry….

For this look, we paired beige, patterned chinos with a dark red and white checked shirt.  We added some fun jewelry and a pair of white suspenders to finish off this blissful Bohemian style!



Shaped Fit Gingham Dress Shirt in Plum by Bugatchi


Casual Pants in Military Green by Basicon


Formal Suspenders in White by Brooks Brothers,default,pd.html?dwvar_075C_Color=WHIT&contentpos=16&cgid=


‘Lost History’ Chelsea Boot in Burnished Brown Leather by Timberland


Men’s Euro Bracelet in Nautical Navy Blue by SeaRanchJewelry

Men’s Euro Bracelet in Purple Pattern by SeaRanchJewelry


Burning Man Men by Necklush


Mini Dream Catcher Wedding Favors by Bast and Bruin

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