5 Hot Engagement Ring Trends of 2016

5 Engagement Ring Trends of 2016.jpg


1) Rose Gold Settings

Pretty in Pink by Tacori


Gold, silver and platinum aren’t the only kids on the block anymore.  Rose gold is giving them a run for their money in 2016!  Its pinkish tint is both feminine and striking when paired with diamonds.

2) Antique Rings

1.53 Carat Edwardian Ring by Tiffany & Co.


Whether it be a hand-me-down from someone in your family or it be a ring you’ve found in an antique store, rings from previous generations are in!  Let your imagination run wild while trying to picture who once owned it and what their story was.  There are so many interesting settings available, like this antique Tiffany & Co. ring.

3) Halo Rings

The One by Harry Winston


We love this style.  Unlike some rings in which pave diamonds (small diamonds) take away from the center stone, halo rings have a way of enhancing the center diamond.  This is a great choice if your center stone isn’t very big, as the halo setting will, in fact, make your diamond look more substantial!

4) Stackable Wedding & Engagement Rings

Princess Bezel Diamond Ring by Brilliant Earth


Luxe Antique Eternity Diamond Ring Stack by Brilliant Earth


This is a fun way to incorporate both your engagement ring and wedding ring(s) into a single style.  Gone are the days of just two rings and here to stay are the days of multiple rings!  Generally, in order for this look to work, you should stick with thin, dainty bands in the same metal.


5) Diamond Alternatives

Motifs Triangle Solitaire by Van Cleef & Arpels


Who says you need a diamond ring to get engaged?  With such a variety of colors and shapes out there, why not try something a bit less ordinary?  With celebrities donning colored gemstones as engagement rings for years, the masses have finally caught up.  Check out sapphires, emeralds and rubies, just for a few ideas!

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