Paris by Day – Groom


J’taime, Paris!  What better place to strut your stuff in the latest fashions?  If you’re planning a getaway to the most romantic city in the world for your honeymoon and don’t want to stick out like a tourist, take a look at our Paris by Day look.  It’s a casual, yet sophisticated ensemble that will give you the perfect Parisian je ne sais quoi!




Turtleneck Cable-Knit Cashmere Sweater by ISAIA


Stretch Cotton Trousers by Saks Fifth Avenue Collection


Drop Tassel Leather Loafers in Ocean by Ralph Lauren


Round Stainless Steel Nylon Strap Watch in Blue by Emporio Armani


Monogram Canvas and Leather Duffle Bag in Black by Saint Laurent


ASOS Leather Bracelet Pack in Brown And Khaki by ASOS


Chambray Sport Shirt in Blue by Ralph Lauren


‘Cody’ 56mm Aviator Sunglasses in Gold and Gradient Brown by Tom Ford

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