Wedding Veil Style Guide

Veil Style Guide Main Image.jpg


Birdcage Veil.jpg


Birdcage veils are a throwback to the 1940’s and 50’s and are very much back in style.  Made out of Russian Netting, these veils cover your face and are generally chin-length.  It can add a fun, flirty, vintage vibe to your wedding look!

Blusher Veil.jpg


A sheer piece of tulle or lace covers your face in this timeless fashion.  There are many religions dating back all the way to the 13th century BC, in which women wore veils over their faces.  Many opt for this style, including celebrities like: Gwen Stefani, Nicole Kidman, Chelsea Clinton and Kate Middleton.

Shoulder Length Veil.jpg


A little less formal of a veil style, you can pair this veil with a dress that has bust, lower back or waist detailing. Since it’s not the fanciest of lengths, steer clear of wearing this with a super-formal gown.

Elbow Length Veil


If you have a ballgown or a fuller skirt, this is a perfect length veil for you.  It will end just where the body of the skirt begins, which is very flattering.

Fingertip Length Veil.jpg


Probably the most versatile veil, this style will extend to around the end of your fingertips.  It looks fitting with almost all types of weddings gowns and is probably the most popular.

Ballet Length Veil.jpg



This veil gives off the impression of being long, without it being so long that you have to worry about tripping over it.  They look best with long gowns that don’t have a train.

Chapel Length Veil.jpg


This veil ends right at the floor, so it’s best with dresses that do the same.  These veils tend to hang straight down, with little or no volume.  Make sure that if you opt for this style, that you try it on while you have your wedding shoes on, so you can choose the correct length.

Cathedral Length Veil.jpg


This style is best if you have a traditional floor-length wedding dress with or without a train.  The veil, itself, can extend any where from a few inches past the floor to 9 feet (or maybe even more!)

2 Tier Veil.jpg


Romantic dresses call for a romantic veil.  Having multiple layers of fabric help give a veil volume and wispy drama.

Mantilla Veil.jpg


Usually positioned towards the back of the crown of the head, this veil works best if you’re wearing your hair down or in a lower up-do.  These veils are generally edged with beautiful and delicate lace, giving off a soft and glamorous vibe.

Pouf Veil


If you’re looking for a veil that provides boldness and height at the same time, this one is for you.  Created, usually, with many layers, these were a popular choice for brides during the 1950’s and 60’s and are making a comeback now.  They go great with fun, flirty dresses; short or tea-length.

Juliet Veil.jpg


This style includes a skull cap, generally with lace around the top and sides and can include decorations on either side of the front.  Now popular among the Bohemian wedding crowd, this used to be the fashion of the 1920’s and 30’s.  This veil can go well with most types of wedding dresses- especially flowing gowns and drop waist numbers.

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