The Groom’s Ultimate Collar Guide

Collar Guide for Grooms.jpg

Contrary to popular belief, men DO have an abundance of choice when it comes to what they wear on their wedding day!  Let’s check out the options available for collared shirts.

Spread Collar 516x672

Spread Collar

This collar’s name describes what makes this collar unique.  The tips are spread further apart than on a standard button-down shirt.  This collar works best with a tie that has a larger knot (try the Full Windsor or Shelby Knot).  Spread Collars are great if you/your neck are on the skinny side as it helps to soften the natural angularity of the face and neck.

Semi Spread Collar 516x672

Semi-Spread Collar

This versatile collar is a happy-medium between a standard collar and a spread collar.  As such, it looks good on most body types and works well with medium knotted ties.

Eyelet Collar 516x672

Eyelet Collar

Also known as a Pin Collar, this collar features a sewn-in eyelet on each of the points of the collar.  A metal, decorative bar or pin can be pushed through each eyelet and closed with a metal cap.  This bar keeps the knot of the tie up and pushed out.  This subtle detail can enhance your look in a big way!  This collar works best with small, thin ties and small knots.

Contrast Collar 516x672

Contrast Collar

If you guessed that this is named after the fact that the collar is a contrasting collar to the rest of the shirt, than you guessed right!  A style that had its heyday in the 80’s, is currently having a revival!  Best worn in a casual ensemble, this shirt works best without a tie.

Button Down Collar 516x672

Button-Down Collar

For a more casual look, this is a good collar choice.  Flanked by two small buttons on each of the tips, this collar works best with a thin tie or no tie at all!  Try pairing a button-down collared shirt with a textured sports coat and a knit tie.  This is a great choice for an outdoor wedding or a less-formal wedding.

Club Collar

Club Collar

A collar with a history!  Once worn specifically by students of an elite college in England, as a way to distinguish them from students of other colleges and universities, this collar has a shortened width and rounded tips.  Seen by outsiders as an ‘unattainable’ look that only certain people could aspire to, it became known as the Club Collar.  This is a nice twist on the classic collar and can be worn both with or without a tie.

Cutaway Collar

Cutaway Collar

Rock the red carpet with this fashionable collar.  This bold look is made to be worn with big-knotted ties.  This collar is similar to the Spread Collar, but the tips are even further apart on the Cutaway Collar, which makes this more of a statement piece.  This collar emphasizes the width of your neck, so this is best suited for someone with a slim, long neck.

Band Collar

Band Collar

A collar whose history may have gotten its start amongst blue-collar workers in the 1920’s and 30’s (although there are several varying stories as to its origin), has seen its renaissance with new and more formal uses.  Since there is no fold down collar, this shirt is not to be worn with a tie, but rather on its own or underneath a blazer.  Since it takes some of your neck length away, this collar is best worn if you have an elongated neck.

Standard Collar

Standard Collar

The Standard Collar, also known as a Narrow-Point or Straight-Point Collar, is a perfect choice if your face and/or neck are a little on the wider side.  This collar goes well with all tie types and styles, including formal tuxedos.

Wing Collar

Wing Collar

A common choice for tuxedo wearers, this collar is heavily starched with small folded-down wings.  This is often thought to be a less formal look than a standard down-turned collar, which is heavily preferred to the Wing Collar.

Classic Collar

Classic Collar

This hasn’t become the most popular collar for no reason!  It has just the right height, points and spread between the tips.  This is flattering on every build and works with just about any look.



Green Micro Check Shirt by Eton

Semi Spread

Regular Fit Stripe Dress Shirt by Ermenegildo Zegna


Blue Slim Fit Striped Contrast Collar Cotton Shirt by Hackett


Jonnes Slim Fit Dress Shirt by  BOSS

Button down shirt

Ludlow cotton oxford shirt in Rustic Blue by J.CREW


Chalky by HUGH & CRYE


Orange Geometric Shirt by Eton


Stretch shirt Skinny fit by H&M


Regular-fit shirt in easy-iron cotton in Light Pink: Enzo by BOSS


Bib Front Tuxedo Shirt by Robert Talbott


Barrel-Cuff Dress Shirt in Light Blue by Brioni

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