Plentiful Patterns: A Guide to the Most Popular Patterns for Men’s Suits

Plentiful Patterns.jpg

Patterned suits are oh-so-hip and stylish!  Let’s delve into some of this season’s most popular ones!

Plaid Suit.jpg


Also known as tartan, plaid consists of multiple lines or bands of colors that crisscross with each other.  A suit adorned with this pattern is best paired with a solid shirt (usually white is best) and can be worn with either a solid tie or a plaid tie.  If you choose a plaid tie, make sure it has either bigger or smaller crisscrosses and bands than your suit.  Also, keep it in the same color family, but not exactly the same, as that would look too ‘matchy-matchy’…  Any type of plaid or checked pattern is great for thin, tall men, as the horizontal pattern helps to break up your lines and make you look more proportional.

Gingham Suit.jpg


This checked pattern consists of even, balanced squares/rectangles and is considered one of the most versatile patterns.  This can be worn with solid colors or by mixing another pattern into it for your shirt or tie.  Again, it is important that if you are planning to match your gingham-patterned suit with a different pattern (or the same), they should not be the same size patterns (if your suit has large rectangles on it, look for a tie with a smaller pattern, so the two don’t blend together)!

Herringbone Suit


One of our favorites, Herringbone is a great fall or winter pattern!  If you’re on the shorter side, this is a good choice for you, as it’s vertical arrows help add length!  However, because it’s a ‘busy’ pattern, you should steer clear from this if you have a little extra weight, as it can add bulk.  Usually this pattern is kept on thesmaller side, so from a distance, it adds depth, without being as noticeable as a plaid or checked pattern.  As a result, this is easy to pair with other patterns or other textures (think a knit ties and flashy pocket square).



If you are on the taller side, Houndstooth is a good pattern choice for you.  It’s a busier pattern, so it helps to break up your vertical lines. Like Herringbone, it usually is sported in the fall and winter months.  If you are in the mood for something that pops, give a black and white houndstooth suit a go.  If you prefer something a little more low-key, a more natural color palette of beiges and dark greens will suit (excuse the pun) you better!

chalk stripe.jpg

Chalk Stripe

With a thicker spaced striping than your average Pin Stripe suit, this pattern can give shorter men height, but can also give larger men girth.  This is generally a less formal look than pinstripes, so it should be worn in a more casual setting.  Pair it with a solid shirt or a large checked shirt and a snazzy pocket square for a sharp look.

Window Pane.jpg


This pattern gets its name from old style window panes, as the slim lines cross to create large rectangles.  If you’re slim, you’ll love it!  If you’re large, you’ll love it!  It can have both a slimming effect and a beefing up effect depending on what type of build you have!  This is a versatile pattern, not just because most body types can rock it, but also because you don’t have to be a color-expert to do a pretty good job matching a tie and shirt to it.

Pin Stripe.jpg

Pin Stripe

As with Chalk Striped suits, Pin Stripes offer wearers the look of an elongated body, due to the vertical stripes.  Pin Stripes are narrower than Chalk Stripes, making it a more formal pattern than the latter.  A suit in this pattern can make its appearance at a simple, casual affair, or, conversely at a super-elegant formal occasion!  Match your shirt to the color of the stripe for a subtle, yet cohesive outfit.



Polka Dots are not for the faint at heart.  They have the potential to make quite the statement, so they should be worn confidently.  A dotted suit pairs well with a solid shirt and tie, a solid shirt and a dotted tie (of the same size dots as the suit), or with a solid shirt and a different patterned tie (the pattern should match in size to the dots).

Glen Check.jpg

Glen Check

Glen Check is a type of plaid consisting of horizontal and vertical bands in a single color family (monochromatic).  This pattern can create some extra girth, so its best for slim men.  Feel free to mix patterns- just keep in mind that your shirt and/or tie should be either a smaller or larger pattern than the one on the suit!



Classic Fit Plaid Linen Sport Coat by Nordstrom Men’s Shop


Lauren Ralph Lauren Blue & White Gingham Classic-Fit Sport Coat by Ralph Lauren 


Harris Blue Herringbone by Suitsupply


Houndstooth Blazer by Giorgio Armani

Chalk Stripe

Pinstripe Wool Suit by Canali


Classic Fit Windowpane Silk & Wool Sport Coat by Canali

Pin Stripe

Johnstons/Lenon Trim Fit Stripe Wool Suit by BOSS


Polka Dot Notch Lapel Slim Fit Linen Blend Blazer by Paisley & Gray 

Glen Check

Grey and Blue Glen Plaid Sportcoat by Kiton

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