Silver and Gold and Jeweled, Oh My!

Silver and Gold and Jeweled Oh My.jpg

With a myriad of wedding band options available, we couldn’t decide where to start!  Here are ten of the most popular types of men’s wedding rings available.  Which one would you pick?



Tungsten Black Diamonds Ring by Rings Paradise

If you’re looking for a ring that literally says it all, choose one with an engraved message on it.  Some ideas for the engraving include: your wife and your names, the date you will be married (great if you’re prone to forgetting important dates such as your wedding anniversary!), a short love quote, or quite simply anything that’s special to you.



Monogram Signet Ring in Sterling Silver by Zales

A monogrammed ring with the first initial of your first name, the first initial of your future bride’s name and the first letter of your last name is an adorable sentiment.  Choose an artsy font- and either have it carved into the front of a flat-faced ring, or carved out of the metal like the example above.



Style # 11-WV8672W65 by ArtCarved

Platinum is one of the most expensive metals in jewelry, as it’s extremely rare.  While initially showing a similar color to white gold, white gold fades over time to a mild yellow.  Platinum, even after years, will never fade to a different color.  But, keep in mind, Platinum is a softer metal than white gold, which makes it more prone to scratches.



Milgrain Wedding Band Ring by Tiffany & Co

Gold, once the most common metal for wedding rings dating back to the early days of Christianity, is now making a comeback.  Gold is softer and more easily available than platinum, which makes it more affordable.  White gold is another type of gold, that gives off the impression of silver or platinum.



 Lucida Band Ring by Tiffany & Co

Why should the girls have all the fun?!  Why not sport a diamond in your wedding band?  A little more flashy than traditional rings, but still sophisticated and classy.



Stacking Band Ring by Elsa Peretti

If you’re on a budget or just prefer simplicity, a gold, silver or platinum ring with no engravings, no jewels will do the trick!  You can find these rings in a variety of widths and by a variety of different designers/merchants.



Band Ring by Lucida

Why settle for one metal when you can have two?  Two-Toned rings can be a statement making accessory.  If you’re into matching your accessories, than no need to worry!  Pair your outfit with either one of the colors for a smashing look!


Rose Gold

Style # 11-WV8641WR7 by ArtCarved

What do you get when you cross gold with copper?  A beautiful pink shade of gold!  This is a great alternative to regular gold, platinum or silver.



Sculpted Crescent Style 120-7 by TACORI

Milgrain, which literally means one thousand grains, is used to give jewelry some texture and sometimes an antique look.



Carbon Fiber Black Titanium Mens Wedding Band by Desires By Mikolay

Titanium is one of the most durable metals for jewelry.  It has a silver sheen to it and is cheaper than golds, silvers and platinums.

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